Sea Food Master Class

An Odyssey of seafood. Join Frances to discover the best and freshest harvest of the Ocean.

Interested in how to cook seafood but don’t really know where to start?

This workshop is a total learning experience giving you a true taste of Portugal: the oceans, beaches, harbors, and of course, the wonderful countryside and views that surround the New Forest Lodge. There are also plenty of fun activities for everyone to enjoy. New Forest Lodge groom and guides will be pleased to take you for a drive in one of the well sprung carriages, perhaps saddle a pony for you, or show you how to launch a canoe on the lake, or show you the beautiful nature trails.

  • De-bearding and cooking mussels,Finding your way around various local clams,
  • Cooking and dressing crabs,
  • Grilling whole fresh fish, using a woodfired grill.
  • Preparing Squid and Octopuss
  • Selecting, gutting, de-scaling, filleting, and cooking fish!
  • Baking in our traditional wood oven,
  • Steaming, poaching and sauce preparation

The hands-on seafood cookery courses will take place in the kitchens of the Country Cooking School. During this holiday, you will also enjoy:

  • A guide with a lifetime of knowledge of the area.
  • Accommodation in a sympathetically restored en-suite bedroom.
  • All country cooking lessons and ingredients.
  • Appreciate eating real food unadulterated by chemicals and additives.
  • Be a guest, not feel like a tourist.
  • Enjoy authentic local food and wine.
  • Expect to see and know where your food comes from.
  • Feel at home in the countryside and peaceful rural life.
  • Horse drawn carriage ride in the National Park.
  • Look out over the ocean, listen to the birds and simply relax.
  • Savor excellent meals enjoyed in good company.
  • Sunset meditation, watch the sun setting over Europe from our cliff top vantage.
  • Wine and soft drinks at the farm, tea and coffee always available.



This workshop is a total learning experience, not just in the kitchens but giving you a true taste of Portugal: Our oceans, our beaches, our harbours and of course the wonderfull countryside and views that suround the New Forest Lodge.

Low season prices (please email us for high season):

  • 1 person private room 420€
  • 2 people double room (1 non cooking guest) 590€
  • 2 people double room 790€

Start Days: Any, you may be working alongside guests following an alternative program.

You may wish to extend your stay or arrive a day or two earlier and we are pleased to offer a discounted rate if you wish to stay longer than the 3 night master class.

Fully Inclusive Price Includes:-


  • A trip to local fish market
  • 2 seafood cooking classes
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Meals with wines and beverages
  • Carriage ride in National Park
  • 3 nights accommodation


To reserve or any questions you may have, please use the contact page.