Family farm day

A program of activities and adventures, suitable for all ages and abilities, to give you a taste of real farm life. To explore every link of the food chain, from seed to plate. Getting up close and personal, you can feed the piglets, collect eggs from the hen house, and learn to groom and saddle a pony, before leading her out into the arena for a quiet ride or drive in one of our comfortable carriages.

Away from the country smells of the stock yards and stables,a chance to bake your own bread in the ancient domed brick oven of the much televised Country Cooking School’s kitchens or fire up the wood fired range, to grill some succulent home grown ribs or spicy sausages you have learnt to make earlier. You just wouldn’t believe how difficult it can be to make a perfect butchers string! There is always plenty of skill and technique but virtually no food miles involved in the preparation of the sumptuous barbeque feast you will have helped to prepare and will sit down with other guests, friends and family to enjoy. Of course joining the pre lunch cocktail mix and local wine tasting workshop may improve your appetite and a well earned rest after having spent some time.wandering around our kitchen and herb gardens where you will help to harvest the days crop selections.

After  lunch you will enjoy a relaxing carriage drive through the park, whilst your guide provides a fascinating commentary around the natural history, traditions and folklore of Corte Pero Jaques and the surrounding forests.

Cost:  €95. per person. Children free ( 1 free child under 16 per adult.)

Additional children €50.

Your Farm Day may include:-


  • Collecting eggs
  • Feeding piglets
  • Grooming ponies
  • Harnessing Horses.
  • Ride in the training ring
  • Drive a gypsy cart
  • Gathering herbs
  • Picking produce
  • Baking bread
  • Sausage making
  • Cocktail mixing
  • Vegetarian options
  • Natural history tour
  • Carriage Drive
  • Farmhouse Barbecue
  • Wine Beer Juices


Reservation necessary: Suggested arrival time 10.00am finish around 4.00pm.

Local collection and return possible, please request quote.

Happy chickens



Jardihnier off on a family drive.