The country cooking school is set in a most scenic location, a bit remote but this has the advantage of enabling one to get a complete and relaxing break. I found Frances to be extremely patient and informative she gave me loads of useful tips it was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable experience………

Marianne K. Ireland. Aug 2012.

The quinta was very laid back and relaxed. Frances is a warm and wonderful person who takes everything in stride! The location of the quinta was secluded and quiet, very peaceful, with an abundance of organically grown vegetables. Manny and Milton were informative and patient………..

Sabrina S. Austria July 2012.

I absolutely loved the experience! A sweet organic gem…………..

Freda Muyambo My Burnt Orange London November 2011.


I had a brilliant and memorable experience. The horses and carriages were second to none, and as a novice I progressed very well under the exceptional guidance of the riding instructor and guide Milton. The hosts Fran and David were very welcoming at their rustic retreat. Added bonus was the cooking! ……..

Mr Waqaar H.– London. June 2012.

“Rustic Portuguese Cooking”
I didn’t join the horse riding, instead opting for a day of cooking with master chef Fran. I had an amazing day learning to cook traditional Portuguese dishes on a rustic, picturesque farm with the owner Fran and her family. I would highly recommend this to any travelling food lover looking for an authentic experience that is unlike any other!!

Chels Gibbs. Austrailia. Reviewed TripAdvisor September 5, 2012

Rustic and Rejuvinating.
Professor Margret W. Atlanta Georgia. Reviewed August 29, 2012
Our time at ridinginthesun overlapped with Cloey C as did our appreciation of our experience. I just read Cloey’s review which eloquently brings back to life a memory of my and my partner’s experience. Family atmosphere and family dinners…what’s your family like? This one is full of creativity, energy, warmth, hospitality, and no hidden agendas. Food: homegrown, home cooked. Breakfast…take your pick:homemade yogurt and jams on your cereal or homemade bread; cantiloupe, melon, heritage tomatoes warm and juicy right from the garden along side sliced cheese and cucumber; eggs if you like, too. Lunch: homemade soup and breads; and dinner: a banquet of flavor, color, texture and aroma. I never once thought about a midnight snack. Oh…we helped do the cooking, too. Baked breads, in the wood-fired oven. Riding: As one of the newbie riders Cloey refers to, I felt completely safe and delighted with my ride. Did I ride too long the first day? Of Course! Was I sore? You bet. So, the next day I tried my hand(s) at driving a cart and sat more comfortably. What fun! I am back home in Atlanta and longing for the clip, clop, clip, clop, clip, clop…while sitting beside my host’s eldest child, his son, who has found a way to live and work and share his gift for training horses and teaching riding. Rich and rare and unadulterated…maybe it’s because I am over 65 and have a somewhat dimmer critical eye than other reviews but, like Cloey, for me the rustic, rusty, and rough parts, the crunch of gravel under someone else’s or my own my boot brought me to my senses. I loved my time there.
Cloey’s reminder is important: “this is not a 5 star luxury resort in the bahama’s! It’s a rural country farm in Portugal…real life charm, especially being able to ride safely away from traffic!”

Stayed August 2012